Skyelight is a small graphic design studio happy to work closely in co-operation with clients to raise their profile and efficiently communicate to their customers. Specialising in producing clear and easily accessible designs specifically optimised for specific methods of production for print and screen.

Skyelight offers clients skills and many years experience in the design and production of a wide range of print projects, including brochures and all types of leaflets and datasheets, through to signage, exhibitions and photography, video and multimedia.

I hope the examples on this site will inspire you to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Every client will have their own specific requirements, budget and deadlines. So working in close co-operation and within these constraints is essential. All stages of design and production will be explored, perhaps ranging from initial logo design and page layout all the way to finding the best and most cost-effective means of output.


DESIGNED and optimised corporate guidelines

Corporate identities primarily consist of designing logos with supporting elements that will form the main part of style guidelines for any company. Providing rules and instructions that will give a consistent style and feel across a variety of production methods. Logos need to be designed and optimised for full colour print and black and white for print for brochures, administrative documents and advertising. Versions also need to be suitable for signage production, viewing on monitors or projected slide shows and presentations.

Producing guidelines should be a part of a clients grand plan. A grand plan will help create a coherent family feel as time goes by.

An example of how guidelines and templates can work can be found on the next section. Elements that went into the production of the brochures for Bicton College were used in a library of logos and templates that can be used by the college in the future.



Catalogues and Directories both require a clear and accessible layout. Information needs to be at the customers fingertips. Consistent page layouts with sections that can be flicked through, coherent contents pages and products that start on it's own separate page.




The designed layout provided ease of use for any potential student. Each header page for the specific range of courses was placed on the right hand side of a spread, so the prospectus can be thumbed through easily to find each relevant section. Icons were incorporated so any accompanying literature with that icon will relate to that particular section in the prospectus.

The visual elements were such a hit that they were carried over in a range of templates that were produced for in-house printing. Word templates for letterheads and notices and formatted banners and footers to be used for posters and advertisements as well as a 'Clip Art' album of optimised images in different formats.

This ease of use and the clear presentation of information is carried over in other documents such as can be seen on the catalogues and directories and the brochures pages.



The Sandford First School and the Hamworthy First School Prospectus are designed to reflect the happy atmosphere and various aspects of school life that prospective parents and pupils will recognise when they visit.

The document was designed as a welcoming and informative introduction to the schools.

A decision was made not include any date sensitive information helping to extend its shelf life without becoming dated. Making the most of the investment needed to produce this kind of document.

Great care was taken with the photographs, not to be unnecessarily intrusive and not to show specific children except in a few particular circumstances. Parents permission was obtained before the day of the shoot.

A great advantage with taking the photographs myself is that I could format the images to precisely fit the page layout.



The Manager's Toolkit is designed as a resource for Human Resource Managers within Nestlé Waters and soon after Nestlé corporate. Each Toolkit has sections that cover different aspects of human resources with exercises and handouts that help and develop many different areas of employment.

The documentation contained within recycled polypropylene wallets and inside coloured dividers separate the areas; introduction, exercises, handouts and models. Within the exercise area numbered tabbed dividers separate the documentation as well as any supporting material such as flash cards.

All the documentation is also included on a CD as print resolution PDF files. All the documents are easily accessed through a web browser and printed out should extra handouts be required.



This series of RWE NUKEM and NUKEM brochures are an example of how text and images can be formatted to meet different corporate guidelines.

Many of the images and much of the text remains the same throughout these changes, but still retains the general clarity of information. Each feature of the company starts on a separate page. A specific required skill can be found without having to plough through the whole brochure.

It is a good idea to invest in a library of images and photographs that are suitable to be optimized to suit existing and future corporate guidelines for brochures. Also to be flexible enough to be used in other forms of output such as PDF files or on the web.




The main aim of this product catalogue was to convey a lot of technical information in as clear a way as possible. To achieve this the layout of each product was made as consistent as possible.

The catalogue was designed to be flipped through, making it easy to find the required component. Photographs of every product were placed on the outside of the pages, as were the section numbers and headings.

All of the specification tables and diagrams were also placed in consistent positions on the page, making it easier to flip between similar products. Providing a fast method of selecting the correct mix of components to create an overall environmental system..



There may be a better way to engage your audience and encourage them to find out more! Interactivity adds customer involvement and audience participation.

INVOLVE your clients by allowing relevant information to be found quickly and easily.
INVOLVE your visitors by highlighting the many different features of a point-of-interest.
INVOLVE your audience through participation, hearing your story at their own pace.

Ever thought of how to present your promotion, training, instructional and safety material in a more accessible way? Video can convey information in a more engaging way than print.

 SHOW your employees how to follow a sales script.
SHOW your visitors examples of site hazards and relevant warning signs.
SHOW emergency procedures and the consequences of not following them.
SHOW people how to use equipment.
SHOW potential clients how your company works.

Skyelight offers your company tailor-made video guaranteed to bring even the driest of information to life. These films can be optimised for as files for watching on computer or posting to the web. Alternative edits can be produced to suit different audiences.


Many projects involve photography. In many cases Skyelight can provide all you need. Whether it is location photography for landscapes, buildings and equipment, or sensitive portrait and activity photography for a school or club prospectus.




A safety induction DVD was commissioned to instruct visitors and employees about the rules and regulations in force on the UKAEA site.

The DVD had several updates over the years as site ownership changed from the UKAEA to RSRL. The DVD was constructed in a modular form, making it simpler and cheaper to update. Each module can be seen as a standalone chapter, so every module will make sense without viewing the entire DVD.

The DVD presentation can also be customised for different tenants. A DVD need not contain every module, just those relevant to a particular tenant.

The full DVD for UKAEA/RSRL employees has a running time of 20 minutes and a visitor version running for 10 minutes.



This DVD was developed to run alongside the existing Alan Day Sales Process training programme. To accompany existing paper and PC based sales courses and material.

The DVD was designed as a concise and readily accessible training aid that employees could watch at work or at home, on a PC or on their home DVD systems.

The DVD was constructed in a modular form, making it simpler and cheaper to update. Each module can be seen as a standalone chapter, so every module will make sense without viewing the entire DVD. These chapters can be paused or repeated by instructors during a training course.


NHS Retirement Fellowship Awareness Video

The NHS Retirement Fellowship DVD was commissioned to help promote and increase awareness of the fellowship within the NHS and increase worldwide membership.

The DVD is divided into standalone modules that can be easily accessed in any order. Each module can be produced as individual files if required. The modules range from the aims of the NHSRF, 'Friendship and Keeping in Touch', to include 'Activities, Events and Trips', 'Community and Support' and 'Contact Information'.

The aim from a filming perspective was to reflect the fun feel of the fellowship. Focusing on people enjoying themselves to accompany personal statements and recommendations from patrons and notables.



Signage can take many forms from vinyl to full colour images on a range of fabrics, metals or glass, or indeed a combination of these. Take time to discuss the options and find the most appropriate means to produce the best signage solution for you and your project.



These signs formed part of a larger project to help enhance the working environment at the American Express HQ, involving 25 departments.

A layered approach was adopted by using thick toughened glass fastened to the wall with stainless steel fixings leaving a small gap between glass and wall. The department name was fixed to the front face of the glass with the design affixed to the back of the glass. The signs were placed in well lit positions so shadows could be cast through both layers on the glass and onto the wall. So the image shifted slightly as you walked by.

Each departmental corporate was designed in conjunction with each head of department to illustrate their primary activities.